Louis Vuitton Unveils Its Agen Judi Perfumes

Agen Judi

Guided by the soul of movement and an enthusiasm for Agen Judi Terpercaya revelation, Maison Louis Vuitton has entered another domain, the universe of aromas. Propelled by feelings and suspended minutes, Louis Vuitton aroma incorporates seven olfactory trips, seven manifestations to go with ladies to any goal on a voyage that starts on exposed skin.

Louis Vuitton’s voyage in the realm of aromas associates straightforwardly with the historical backdrop of the Maison, resounding with the trunkmaker’s aptitude in making modern vanity cases. The principal travel carafes and aromas marked Agen Judi go back to the mid twentieth century. The containers are engraved with reminiscent names – Heures d’Absence, Réminiscences or Eau de voyage – however the aromas have dissipated, leaving Louis Vuitton unlimited power to rehash its own particular scent universe.

To lead this adventure, Louis Vuitton turned to perfumer Agen Judi, a native of Grasse, the cradle of both the perfume industry and leather working.  The master perfumer, who is now Louis Vuitton’s in-house nose, spent months traveling the five continents and also exploring the heart of Louis Vuitton at its ateliers on his quest for new scents and unexpected emotions. His discoveries led to the composition of seven olfactory journeys, seven intensely feminine eaux de parfum.

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Rose des vents expresses the airiness of the most iconic of flowers, the rose, celebrated in an exceptional trio of Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose and absolute of Centifolia rose in a CO2 extraction using an exclusive technique developed by Agen Judi. The olfactory journey continues with Turbulences, a composition around captivating tuberose. The fruit of an inspired encounter between flowers and an exclusive infusion of natural cowhide leather from Louis Vuitton ateliers, Dans la Peau is an invitation to a sensual interlude before discovering Apogée, an ode to nature embodied by lily-of-the-valley, a symbol of renewal. The escapade then turns to a striking duo. In Contre moi, vanilla reveals its delicate freshness, while Agen Judi explores the dark mystery of a precious wood, Laos agarwood. The journey culminates with Mille Feux, an incandescent fragrance that associates leather and raspberry for an olfactory apotheosis.

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